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Google Analytics

Get the most out of your data with analytical intelligence and detailed reporting. Having an accurate understanding of your data related to customer experience can help you improve your campaign’s results by increasing user engagement and conversions.

Understand your customers and improve your results.

Benefits of using Google Analytics

Measure your campaigns effectively

Having a good understanding of your website’s performance and advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook), will help you make changes that will have an impact.

Analyze user behavior

Analyzing the behavior of users allows you to understand how they interact with elements on your site. Specific changes can be made accordingly.

Get to know your target audience better

Information such as demographics (age, gender, family income) and interests help you to know your target market in detail.

Identify the steps that make a visitor into a customer

Conversion goals make it easy to see exactly which actions a prospective client takes before becoming a customer.

Get the most out of your digital data with Google Analytics

If you are advertising on Facebook, Google Ads and newsletters, without any statistical data or with incorrect data, it’s like going on a road trip without an accurate map.

Analytics allows you to set specific goals, provides you with a wealth of information about your audience’s behavior, and measures the overall performance of your campaigns. This data allows you to know your customer base, whether the traffic on your site reaches the right destination, and if it follows the course of action you’ve established as a goal.

According to the conclusions obtained, it is possible to make modifications that will greatly improve the performance of your campaigns and thus maximizing your advertising efforts (ROI).

Manage tags and tracking codes quickly and easily with Google Tag Manager

Improve the collection of data and easily update tracking codes and code snippets on your website.

Tag Manager allows you to add and update conversion tracking tags, site scans, remarketing, error checking, security features, and fast tag loading. These features ensure that the tags are working properly.

Simplify tag management with Google Tag Manager’s advanced features. It’s easy to use, easy to launch!

Techniques for effective Google Analytics management

Proper installation of codes

To have accurate data, Google Analytics must be installed and configured correctly. A misallocation of sales, or a bounce rate that is too low or too high.

Configure your Goals

Goals must be configured to reflect your company’s goals. Calls, requests for a quote, and sales are among some of the most important goals.

Connect campaigns to Analytics

Linking your Google Ads, Facebook ads, and other campaigns to Google Analytics will help you to review whether each campaign is profitable.

Measurement and analysis of Events

Record, measure and analyze all interactions, or events on your site. From clicks on a button, to submitting a form or clicking on outbound links.

Using Google Tag Manager

Simplify the integration and management of tags and triggers in one place. Easily update tracking codes and improve the accuracy of your data.

Does the use of Google Analytics provide significant results?

Google Analytics is the world’s most popular web analytics tool; it is used by 320 of the 500 largest US retailers, and 45% of Fortune 500 companies. Globally, Google Analytics owns 82% of the market shares among marketing analytics tools.

35 million
More than 35 million websites use Google Analytics.1

17 million
In the United States alone, more than 17 million websites benefit from Google Analytics.1

400 000
More than 400,000 websites in Canada currently use the Analytics platform.1

of the top 10,000 high traffic and successful sites use Google Analytics.1

The more important the data you collect, the more you’ll be able to make adjustments that will have a major impact on your revenue. Let Google Analytics help you make better decisions for your business!


Why entrust the analysis of your data to experts?

Let our team of professionals help you make the most of your data. We measure, learn, refine and… repeat!

Your online marketing strategy must be continuously evolving in order to maximize the traffic on your site. How can this be achieved if you analyze little or none of your data? What are the most important indicators to monitor in order to increase your sales and revenue? Where does your traffic come from? How do visitors navigate through your site?

Our experts will ensure that your data produces the most conversions by using the best tools, by applying the best techniques, and by developing a unique CRO strategy for your business.

Google Marketing Platform

Analytics Tag Manager Data Studio

We will help your business grow with a clear understanding of your data by…

  • Effectively measuring the performance of your website and your campaigns
  • Analyzing user behavior on your site
  • Identifying the steps that will convert a prospect into a customer

By working with a web Analytics specialist, you make the power of your data work for you.

Our consultants will help you get new results by creating specific goals and optimizing the tracking and analysis of your statistics.

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