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Attract customers through the world’s largest professional network with content you post on LinkedIn. Quickly reach a quality professional clientele with attractive visuals. Advanced business and behavioral data makes it easy to reach your target audience and accurately measure results.

Attract a unique professional audience.

Unique benefits of a LinkedIn campaign

Get instant, concrete results

Quickly increase the number of visits from professionals to your website. See an increase in sales and revenue within a short period of time. Receive more calls and increase customer loyalty.

Measure the return on your investment

Accurate campaign performance data helps you make good decisions that will pay off. This maximizes the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

Get noticed with attractive ads

Increase your visibility and reach significantly among professionals, decision-makers, leaders and influencers through attractive visuals that will have an immediate impact.

Target professionals with precision

By targeting your audience based on data, job title, function, industry, or other criteria, you will significantly increase the quality of your potential customers.

Target your audience of choice on the world’s largest professional network

Advertising on LinkedIn will allow you to easily reach your desired clientele. Whether you want to target leads, promote your brand or increase signups, a LinkedIn campaign will help you attain your business goals quickly.

Attractive and flexible advertising formats enhance your visibility in the news feed, as well as in LinkedIn’s InMail. By using specific criteria, you will target your defined audience and reap measurable results.

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Does an advertising campaign on LinkedIn really work?

LinkedIn now has over 550 million members worldwide, 12.9 million of which are in Canada, and 1.7 million in Quebec. 1 out of 3 Quebecers are active on LinkedIn.

of marketers agree that LinkedIn is the #1 social platform to generate quality leads.1

of social media visits to corporate websites come from LinkedIn.2

of North American SMEs use LinkedIn as a marketing channel.3

of Canadians who use the internet are connected to LinkedIn.1

LinkedIn has a growth of 2 new members per second. Mobile traffic, which is still growing rapidly, represents 57% of users. 53% of LinkedIn subscribers connect between 0 to 2 hours per week on the social network.

1. Demand Wave 2016 Study

Why entrust your advertising campaigns on LinkedIn to marketing experts?

Our team of professionals is dedicated to the success and growth of your brand. We’ll make sure your campaigns attract quality prospects by applying techniques and strategies in LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions.

Our experts will evaluate your objectives and offer you fitting LinkedIn campaigns dedicated to increasing the development of your business.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

We’ll increase the growth of your business with LinkedIn, by…

  • Targeting your professional audience according to specific criteria
  • Creating and strategically placing attractive visual content
  • Optimizing your campaigns to improve your return on investment

By working with a LinkedIn marketing specialist, you will increase the visibility of your brand, and the amount of leads that will generate quality traffic to your site.

Our consultants are pleased to help you achieve your goals by increasing your reach on LinkedIn.

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