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Being in the right place, at the right time, is the key to success on the Display Network and YouTube. These tools allow you to display ads that promote your products or services to the people who are most likely to convert. With our know-how, we can strategically create and manage efficient Display and YouTube campaigns that meet your projected goals and budget.

Enhance your brand with eye-catching visuals.

Benefits of advertising on the Display Network and YouTube

Get instant, concrete results

Receive more calls, increase web traffic and build customer loyalty. Increase the number of valuable customers who visit your site, your sales, and your revenue within a short period of time.

Quantify the return on your investment

View accurate data regarding the performance of your ads. Assess your progress and make changes accordingly.

Capture attention with attractive ads

Increase your brand’s visibility and appeal to your target audience with a variety of eye-catching visuals.

Target specific customers

Target an audience based on demographics, search history, and remarketing. This will dramatically increase the quality of prospective clients and their likelihood to convert.

Become visible with the Display Network and increase conversions with Remarketing

Display Network ads appear on over two million websites, on more than 650,000 apps, and on Google platforms such as Gmail and YouTube. They are an effective way to reach your audience, no matter where it is.

The four types of ads available to optimize your visibility are: text ads, Gmail ads, image banners or rich media ads, and in-app ads.

With specific targeting options, you can reach the right audience based on their interests or habits. Remarketing allows you to target potential customers who did not convert on their first visit on your website. This significantly increases your website’s performance.

Where will your Display and Remarketing ads show? >>

Reach your clientele directly with captivating video ads on YouTube

Show your video ads on YouTube to the people who matter most, at the time it matters most. In other words, your money is only spent showing ads to users who are interested in your products or services.

Reach people when they search for, and watch, videos related to specific topics. We can increase the effectiveness of your campaigns thanks to YouTube’s advanced statistics. You’ll have access to additional video-related data, such as the number of shares you earned and the time your potential customers spent watching your ad.

<< Where will your YouTube video ads be displayed?

Do Display Network and YouTube advertising campaigns actually work?

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the internet and the 3rd most visited site after Google and Facebook. YouTube now has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide.1

22 million
Canadians actively use YouTube each month.1

2 million
Display Network ads are served on more than 2 million websites and on platforms such as Gmail and YouTube.2

650 000
Is the number of apps that show Display Network ads.2

Video ads generate a 500% increase in previous content views for a company.2

In the past two years, the number of SMEs who advertise on YouTube has doubled. Statistics show that in the United States, individuals over 18 spend more time watching YouTube than any other television channel.


Why entrust your Display and video advertising campaigns to experts?

Our team of certified experts are dedicated to the growth and success of your business. By applying up-to-date digital marketing techniques and strategies, we’ll ensure your campaigns create the most conversions, and that your brand gets the attention it deserves.

Our specialists will assess your goals and needs in order to build your Google Display and YouTube advertising campaigns, encouraging brand awareness and profitability.

Google Partner Premier

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We’ll help your business grow with Display campaigns by…

  • Targeting your clientele according to their specific interests
  • Creating and strategically positioning attractive visual content
  • Optimizing your campaigns to improve your return on investment

By working with a Google Premier Partner digital marketing specialist, you’ll attract more quality leads to your site and increase your brand’s visibility.

Our consultants will be pleased to help you achieve your goals by increasing your reach on the Google Display Network and YouTube.

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