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Quickly increase the visibility and reach of your business with attractive ads on Facebook & Instagram. With advanced demographic and behavioral data, it’s easy to reach your target audience and accurately measure results.

Attract your customers with unmatched precision.

Benefits of managing your visibility

Get instant, concrete results

Quantify an increase in traffic and sales within a short period of time. Receive more calls, increase the number of potential customers who visit your website, and build customer loyalty.

Measure the return on your investment

View precise data concerning the performance of your ads, assess their progress, and make the appropriate changes.

Draw attention with captivating ads

Increase your brand’s visibility and reach by using a variety of striking visual ads. Pay only when your ad receives a click.

Target specific clients

Target a specific audience based on demographics, search history, and remarketing. Increase the quality of future clients and the number of conversions.

Diffuse your ads to more people and build customer loyalty

Facebook is one of the most effective platforms on which to advertise online. Create a link between your business and the right people, on any device, with the use of precise marketing tools.

Ad formats are attractive, adaptable and responsive, as shown in the corresponding image. Advertising campaigns are incredibly effective due to the ability to target your client’s experience. This happens the moment an interaction from the client is made. Results are therefore more evident and are easy to measure.

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Engage your audience by targeting their interests and strengthening brand image

Instagram allows you to reinforce the link between your client’s interests and your business. People look to Instagram for inspiration and to discover brands and products that harmonize with their interests.

Instagram uses captivating visuals such as; photos, video, and captions to draw in the viewer. These unique ad formats attract customers and encourage them to take action.

Do Facebook ads and Instagram business campaigns really work?

60 million
There are more than 60 million professional Facebook profiles worldwide.2

18 million
More than half of Canada’s population visits Facebook every day.1

of Facebook users interact regularly with business pages.2

25 million
There are more than 25 million professional Instagram profiles worldwide.3

of users report discovering new products on Instagram.3

200 million
people visit at least one professional Instagram profile every day.3

The importance of mobile: 1 of 5 minutes spent on a mobile device in the US is dedicated to Facebook or Instagram. Mobile ads now generate more than half of ad campaign conversions.


Why entrust your advertising campaigns to social media marketing experts?

Our team of experts is dedicated to the success and growth of your business. We’ll make sure your campaign earns the most conversions by applying the best techniques and strategies in social media marketing.

Our specialists will evaluate your objectives, and recommend a social media marketing plan that will best suit your needs.

Facebook Business

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Your business will grow through Facebook & Instagram campaigns by…

  • Targeting your audience according to specific criteria
  • Creating attractive, unique and dynamic visual content
  • Optimizing your campaigns to improve your return on investment

By doing business with a social media marketing specialist, you will reduce your cost per click, and you will increase the number of visits that will result in new customers.

Our consultants will be pleased to help you achieve your goals by increasing your visibility on Facebook and Instagram.

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