Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your website will improve your ranking on Google and other search engines. With an effective SEO strategy you’ll become more visible, which will increase the number of potential customers who visit your website. The better your site is ranked on Google, the faster it generates revenue.

Attract more customers with a top ranking site.

Advantages of applying a good SEO strategy

Acquire traffic without paying for clicks

Quickly increase the number of visits from potential customers to your website without paying for clicks.

Permanent results

Any work that is made on your website provide a stable, profitable outcome. Their results are measureable every step of the way.

Unbeatable long term profitability

Experience a long term return on investment (ROI). A maximum gain, for a minimal investment.

Increased visibility with potential customers

Increase your visibility to potential customers who are looking for your products or services.

Get higher rankings on Google with an effective SEO plan

SEO is designed to improve your website’s ranking, allowing you to rank above your competitors within search results.

In order to increase the visibility of your website on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), we are constantly innovating and implementing up-to-date strategies that are sure to increase your website’s positioning.

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Effective techniques used in SEO

Local web indexing

The configuration of your Google MyBusiness account, the profile and category.

Technical optimization

The analysis and refinement of your site’s indexing, pagination and load time.

Keyword optimization

Improving the different tags, titles and meta descriptions of your website.

Content marketing

The creation of unique blog posts and news, and the optimization of your website’s permanent content.

Optimization of referring sites

Forming new partnerships with influencers and blogs to publish quality content.

Why is SEO essential on Google?

If your site doesn’t appear on the first page after a user searches for your products or services, the chances of your site bringing in new customers is very low.

However, it’s not only about being on the front page. The positioning of your site on Google has a very strong impact on the number of clicks you receive.

Here’s how clicks are distributed for searches made on Google:

  • 52% of clicks are made on the 1st page
  • 25% of clicks are used on Google Ads
  • 13% of clicks are made on the 2nd page
  • 10% of clicks are made on the 3rd page

Why is positioning so important?

Here’s a graph that demonstrates the probability that a site will be clicked on based on its position on Google.

Increasing your ranking on Google by just one spot can greatly increase the number of visitors to your website. This has a direct impact on the number of potential customers who will visit your site.

For this undeniable reason, the ranking or positioning of your website on Google is essential.

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Why entrust the optimization of your website to SEO experts?

We are a team of experts dedicated to the success of our clients. We make sure that your website remains ahead of your competitor’s by applying the best techniques in the field of SEO. Our experts will analyze your site and optimize it in order to generate the most conversions.

Rely on our WooRank Expert certification, which is awarded only to companies who show exceptional knowledge and use the best practices in digital marketing.

WooRank Expert

We can help your business grow through the optimization of your site by…

  • Targeting the relevant keywords that result in conversions
  • Optimizing the ergonomics and the content of your website
  • Improving your positioning or ranking on search engines

By doing business with a SEO specialist, you will reduce your cost per click, and you will attract more new customers.

Our SEO consultants will be pleased to help you achieve your goals by increasing your visibility on Google.

What our clients are saying about our SEO services

“ …very good communication and makes things simple. Above all, the work is efficient and we see the results. We hope to continue long! ”

François Auger
Web Developer

“ We were surprised to see the increase in sales following our change to img media… We finally have clear answers where transparency is strongly present… ”

Mathieu Lessard
Marketing Director
Homeo Animal

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