Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google Ads (PPC)

Increase your visibility instantly on Google by targeting people who are looking for your products and services. Reach new customers and increase your revenue. Get measurable results that are transparent and easily understood.

Reach your customers as they search for you.

The unmatched benefits of Google Ads

Get instant, concrete results

Quickly increase the number of potential customers visiting your website. Experience remarkable growth in your sales and revenue within a short period of time. Expect more calls, an increase in traffic and customer loyalty.

Quantify your return on investment

Accurate campaign performance data allows you to make decisions that will pay off. Maximize the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

Be visible to people searching for your products and services

Increase your visibility to potential customers with attractive ads. Pay only when a user interacts with your ad.

Target your potential customers in an ultra-precise way

Target users within a certain area or city, or within a given radius near your business. Significantly increase the quality of potential customers.

Reach people on Google as they search for your products and services

Every second more than 60,000 searches are made on Google. Therefore, we can easily state that using Google is part of our modern lifestyle.

Google Ads allows you to appear when people are searching for products and services associated to your business. Specific keywords cause your ad to appear at the top of Google’s search results when users are most inclined to becoming a client.

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Get noticed with the Display Network and maximize conversions with Remarketing

Google Display Network ads are served on more than two million websites, on more than 650,000 apps, and on Google platforms such as Gmail and YouTube. You can reach your audience wherever it may be.

Reach your customers according to their interests or habits with multiple targeting options. Remarketing will also allow you to target people who did not convert on their first visit on your website. These strategies are sure to increase the performance of your website.

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Increase sales with Google Shopping

Google Shopping appears within Google’s search results. A Google Shopping block appears for queries such as; ‘snowboarding helmet’. It resembles a search engine for products available for purchase on e-commerce sites.

Google Shopping attracts more high quality traffic, in fact, a user who clicks on a Google Shopping link is much more likely to convert, or buy, than a user who clicks on a text link.

By clicking on the ad, the user is automatically redirected to the product’s page on your e-commerce site.

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Does a Google Ads campaign really produce satisfying results?

Here are some interesting statistics that prove that Google Ads work:

  • $95 billion of Google’s revenue in 2017 came from Google Ads1
  • Every $1 spent on Google Ads generates an average of $2 in revenue2
  • Google Ads within the top 3 spots receive an average of 41% of clicks from users who have the intention to buy3

If you aren’t using Google Ads, you’re missing out on many opportunities!

2. Étude réalisée par l’« American Economic Review »

Why entrust the management of your Google Ads campaigns to experts?

It’s easy to create an advertising campaign with Google Ads. On the other hand, creating a campaign that provides you with a good return on investment is difficult!

Perhaps you created your own Google Ads campaigns with the help of a Google representative. In that case, your results can be greatly improved.

Google Partner Premier
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A guarantee of success for your company!

We can help your business grow with Google Ads by…

  • Searching for relevant keywords for your campaigns
  • Creating ads that will capture the attention of your customers
  • Optimizing your campaigns to improve your return on investment

By doing business with a Google Ads campaign management specialist, you’ll reduce your cost per click and increase your number of clicks and customers.

We’re proud to have the Google Premier Partner certification and to have been selected amongst the elite of Google Partners in 2015 and 2016. Our reputation reflects our desire to help you get the most out of your Google Ads campaigns.

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What our customers say about our Google Ads services

“ …He has managed to reduce our annual costs of our Google Ads campaigns by about 25%… We consider img media an excellent business partner… A worthwhile investment! ”

Michael Gervais
Palason Jeux, Billard et Décor

“ When I called img media, I did not expect such a professional and personalized service. I’m very satisfied with the company’s approach, they do an amazing job! (…) Bravo! ”

Stéphan Roy
Educational Director

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